Services we offer

Personalized 2~Hour on site Consultation

Interior design can be multi-faceted, involving, however not limited to the following work:

Residential, commercial design & staging
Color & lighting
Furniture Layout
Preliminary measurements
Optimum space utilization, art pieces, accessories, fabric, furniture & upholstery

Customized window treatments
Landscape & Yard maintenance
Feng Shui
Online consult via FaceTime / Skype anywhere in the world

Window Coverings

These are customized to enhance your space and ensure your needs are met.

Full Renovation

Anything you can think of we can design for you. Its your home. A full renovation takes much time and patience.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Seniors downsizing



Conduct a free consultation

  • Develop plan of action personalized to the client’s timeline and budget
  • Review floor plan of new residence, if available
  • Assist client in deciding what items to keep, donate, discard and fix. We understand there is sentimental value.
  • Distribute heirlooms, if applicable
  • Ensure proper disposal of items which cannot be donated, including toxins
  • Sort, label, and pack belongings as well as Schedule movers
  • Notify utility companies and arrange for hook-ups at new address
  • Act as liaison between client, family members, and lawyer, if required
  • Consult with a realtor or landlord for dates of moving and listing

Moving Day:

  • Oversee movers
  • Coordinate and commence unpacking at new residence
  • Completely set up of home
  • Any new purchases for the new home will be made prior to move day.

Post Move:

  • Complete any set-up that did not get done on moving day
  • Do the required to have the property ready to hand over or sale

Full Home Organization

Packages between 10-30 hours is a reasonable amount of time to get a full home Purged and Organized 

Staging your home for sale

Quick & Easy! 

De-clutter-paper, toys, Knick knacks

De-personalize – Pictures, heirlooms, shelves 

Re arrange cupboards and closets 

Let lots of light in

Replace light bulbs so its bright

Pack and able things you do not need

DONATE or toss. 


Rent a pressure washer and spray down the entire house

Rent a storage unit and put away everything you do not need (offsite)

Mow the lawn – add floral to the entry way so it is welcoming

Paint the outside faded window trims, replace broken screens


Make sure all window covering hang at the same level and are clean
Redo cracked flooring and tile, Repaint nicks and scuffs 
Fix leaky faucets
Polish faucets after wiping down the mirrors
Hang fresh towels
Deep clean the carpets and rugs 
Air out the home and vacuum daily 
Skip the fish and bake cookies…..Makes the home smell welcoming! 

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