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“A space is where you spend time with your family and make memories, where you live and breathe. A space should reflect who you are. ” Tasleem Jessani, Lead designer & Owner

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Tasleem Jessani, lead designer at Mango Tango Interiors, strives to achieve a balance of individuality, sustainability and versatility in every project she oversees. Her holistic approach to design, which takes into account her clients’ diverse needs and vision, comes from years of experience living and working internationally, which has given her a unique understanding of how different cultures approach design. “Anywhere you spend time, the experience should offer you continuous growth, suit your needs and reflect your values,” she says.  
 At Mango Tango Interiors, we want to open the door to your imagination. Our goal is to work with you in transforming your space in a way that reflects individuality, sustainability and versatility. Our experienced designers and consultants guide you every step of the way in choosing specifications, finishes and materials that fit your working area, desires and budget.
Not only can we help you transform your space into what you envision it to be, we’ll do so while creating a calm, positive environment that nurtures and supports your mind, body and soul.
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